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“ Susanna is first and foremost a coach. She takes the time and trouble to teach and guide despite the omnipresent pressure of impending deadlines. And when needed, she has no qualms rolling up her sleeves and getting into the trenches to work shoulder to shoulder with her team members to get the job done flawlessly and on time.”

Direct Report


“Susanna is an A+ business partner. She is always insightful, curious, balanced, resourceful, and responsive. I frequently cite to my team a ‘motto’ that Susanna has posted on her bulletin board – “Make it easy.” This perfectly sums up her approach not only to communicating but also to collaborating. I could not ask for a better business partner.” 

Worldwide Director


“Susanna is a talented communications professional whose unique combination of practiced marketing knowledge and exceptional project management capabilities led to her consistent success leading complex communications projects. Her intelligence and insight enabled her to understand and distill complex content …”

Senior Vice President


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Communications Consulting

Creating Communications that Inspire Action.

Personal Strategic Planning

Your Life is Your Business.

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