Types of Therapy

Teens and Young Adults

Social and academic pressures, family conflict, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ concerns, school refusal, lack of motivation, family conflict, body image issues, self-esteem, stress management, bullying, transitioning to college


Mindful, Positive & Effective Parenting Solutions for: Tantrums, Anger, Whining, Aggression, Disrespectful Behavior, School Refusal, Foster-care, Adoption

Relationship Therapy

Pre-marital, Intimacy & Desire, Communication Challenges, Infidelity, Anger, Reconciliation, Friendship after Divorce, Relationship Milestone Challenges, Processing Divorce Amicably

Family Therapy

Dysfunctional Patterns of relating, Coping with Loss, Ineffective Communication, Addiction Challenges, Mental Health Challenges, Trauma,  Natural Disaster, Relocation, Isolation, Life Changes

Child & Play Therapy

Behavioral issues, Challenges in School, socially withdrawn, Sadness, Shyness, Anxiety (in children can look like stomach aches and other physical symptoms), acting out

Stress Management

Reduce incidence of Flare-ups, Stress Management, Nutrition, Healthy Living

Integrative Nutrition for Mental Health

 Identify Goals, Devise an Action Plan, Maximize your Full Potential, Become Empowered, Gain Confidence, Life Transitions, Create the life you want

Our Testimonials

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.”

-Georgia O’keeffe

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