What You Can Learn In Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy and Communication

It’s no secret – communication is key to successful relationships. But you might be asking yourself, what is communication? When is communication strengthening a relationship? What types of communication destroy relationships? The Gottman Method is a tried-and-true method for relational repair through couple’s therapy. Even for those not in couples therapy, they often find the value of their writings invaluable. You can order their books, read their blog, and find other ‘goodies’ to strengthen your relationships with significant others and even friends. The Gottman Method is a researched-based method of treatment, whose creators just received the 2021 Psychotherapy Networker Lifetime Achievement Award. The Gottmans began with couples therapy and have broadened the scope of couples therapy to include other relationships – such as the parental relationship.

We are all in relationships even if we aren’t in a romantic one. Therefore, relational education can help everyone.

Couples Therapy and the famous ‘Love Lab’

Dr. John Gottman and his colleagues discovered that they could predict whether or not a couple would divorce with 90% accuracy. This means his research-based method of couples therapy, which grew out of his famous ‘Love Lab’ is pretty awesome! Gottman and his team have found what makes and breaks relationships and how couples can repair relationships, increase intimacy, and become joyful and fulfilled partners.

So, back to communication and couples.

The Gottman Method, Communication Styles, Couples Therapy and the ‘Four Horseman…’

The Gottman’s found that there are 4 relational communication behaviors that can break a relationship (or if changed – make a relationship). These are called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We will be covering one of the Four Horseman in each upcoming post on this blog beginning with the first horseman of the apocalypse – Criticism – in the next installment. So please stay tuned and join me in exploring the Four Horseman so that we can learn what makes and what breaks our relationships. I hope you check out the Gottman Institute’s resources and return next month for our exploration of relationships, communication, and couples therapy! See you then!

To visit The Gottman website, click the link: www.gottman.com

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