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Surviving the Teen Years: From “My Teen Won’t Talk to Me” to Increased Harmony in the Home

Introducing an Online Teen and Family Services Healing Workshop

You love your family, but is something just off? For some families, “my teen won’t talk to me” seems to be the main concern. For others, it’s the subtly different “my teen won’t listen to me.” Or perhaps you or your teen feels empowered by their individual therapy sessions, but when it comes to heated family situations, it feels like all that learning goes straight out the window.

The teen years can usher in unprecedented challenges for everyone in your family. Maybe the stresses of life have driven you and your family members apart. Or, perhaps you no longer feel like you can communicate without tension and tempers rising. If your teen won’t talk to you, there are unresolved issues within each of you, or you could all develop better skills to move forward in life, read on.

In preparation for the 2022-23 school year, we’re launching an exciting alternative to online therapy for teens that gets the whole family involved. Introducing an online teen and family service for families in Middlesex County and across New Jersey, the Awakening Change Family Healing Workshop.

This family healing workshop is a ten (10) week online teen and family services program that will strengthen your family’s connection and ability to communicate. In a small group setting, you’ll be invited to develop your interpersonal and internal processing skills. But first, let’s talk about what a family workshop is – and why this opportunity may be just what’s missing from your life!

How will a family workshop help when my teen won’t talk to me?

A family workshop like this can help you with a number of things within your family as well as within yourself. Focusing on emotional regulation, this targeted teen and family service can help you become more grounded in the life you’re living by showing you and every member of the family how to:

  • Effectively recognize and respond to your emotions.
  • Ground yourself with processing techniques for surviving hard moments.
  • Understand your emotions and why you feel them (even the messy ones).
  • Offer others and yourself more acceptance and tolerance.
  • Problem solve in productive ways

What this means for your family is less out-of-control arguments, more practiced calming strategies to turn to in moments of stress and frustration, and a common language shared between you and your family that will help you navigate the difficult moments.

We’ll dive right into exploring your state of mind and state of being from week one. Our schedule is designed to maximize every moment of our 90-minute weekly meetings as well as any complimentary individual online therapy sessions for your teens, and we promise we’ll never send you home with the kind of homework you hated in school.

Here’s (some of) what you’ll learn

In our family healing workshop, you’ll learn a lot of things, and many of them will be unique to you and the emotional journey you commit to when you arrive. From week to week, that learning may change or shift with your energy and emotional needs, but there are some pillars you can expect from a family workshop experience.


As you embark on this mission to grow your family and personal skills, first recognizing your family’s mindset and developing a practice that helps you find a sense of calm is key to your success. We will cover mindfulness from the ground up so you can find the biological boundary of peace you already carry within you and learn to experience that mindfulness together.

Emotion regulation

Have you ever wished there was a rule book for understanding your emotions or supporting your family members to navigate theirs? From where in your body you feel these emotions to what they mean, we will work through the process of identifying, isolating, and regulating your emotional experience so you can enter family discussions more compassionate and composed.

Distress Tolerance

Distress happens internally, but those impacts can radiate out beyond our own experience to impact our loved ones. Navigating the difficult moments in life is as much a biological process as it is an emotional one. Through learning about how your body and mind respond to perceived risk, we will help you alter your response to these experiences and find safety in your emotional landscape once more.

Relationship skills

Built on connection and communication, all relationships grow when problem-solving becomes a team effort instead of a war. We’re going back to basics to review the fundamentals of communication and the common pitfalls where you can so easily get off track. With these skills, the fears associated with “my teen won’t talk to me” will be a thing of the past.

Mother and daughter walking outdoors and communicating with one another, after months of the mother wondering why "my teen won't talk to me"

Teen and Family Services to Help Your Whole Family

In addition to offering you family together time, a family workshop is a low-cost way to try out therapy without the (time, money, or energy) commitment to the one-on-one experience. These groups can be a great alternative or addition to traditional or online therapy for teens.

With this family workshop, you can move from “my teen won’t talk to me” to more harmony in the home.  

You will find new ways to connect and communicate within your family and beyond it, while building relationships with others in your community who are working toward the same kind of home-harmony. In addition to better family communication, each individual member will grow in unique ways from the tools they take with them from the family workshop.

When you’re a teen

Emotional intensity is a huge part of your life during adolescence and the stress of figuring out what you want to do with yourself tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of forever is just a little bit much, isn’t it? For teenagers, we offer the chance to pause and reflect. In a life brimming with pressure that you’re not always sure what to do with, this family healing workshop will help you re-group. We want you to know that your emotions aren’t bad or wrong, and can help you tell yourself a story of safety so you can find support to deal with them.

As a parent of a teen who won’t talk to you

Forever trying to navigate the roles you fill alongside a to-do list that only seems to grow while trying to make time for that self-care everyone is talking about? We get it. It’s easy to start to feel resentful of all the tasks that seem to want to take over your life when all you want is to sink into the gratitude that feels just out of reach. Parenting takes on many faces and holds many feelings right to the heart of you. We want to help you put mindfulness at the center of your busy life so you can get busy connecting with your authentic gratitude and your family.

What you can expect from our family healing workshop

Each week will have a theme uniquely designed to build on all the work we’ve done together to that point. The themes will be things like navigating stress and difficult situations, understanding the way you feel (and why), and how to get in touch with your vulnerability. Each of the topics we navigate will be general enough to create space for diversity in the ways you relate to and engage with your development, but specific enough to prepare for a deeper dive where you need it most.

We will use tools like acronyms and metaphors to help you bring mindfulness front and center in an accessible way for your everyday. From revisiting our past to future-proofing our relationship skills, we’ll work together to grow for ten weeks to a path of possibilities.

Family (two teens and their father) in a telehealth therapy session skills group.

Are you ready to upskill your life?

If your goal is to live a rich life that’s already within your grasp but you need help navigating your family group and emotional landscape, our fall family workshop is waiting for you. From mindfulness to masterful, we are already committed to helping you awaken your path to a skill-rich future of success in whatever way you need.

Because our family workshop will be in an intimate setting to ensure every person gets their questions answered, space is limited. 

Reach out today to reserve your spot.
Awakening Change: Family Healing Workshop

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