Devonna Gonsalves

Devonna is passionate about supporting individuals on their quest to achieve a clear sense of self, increased self-worth, and a more fulfilled life. She has a background in working with teens, young adults, and families since 2015. Devonna has taken a particular interest in working with adolescents experiencing self-esteem challenges, lack of motivation, social isolation, deep sadness, racing thoughts, intense worry, or a constant sense of dread. In addressing these symptoms individuals achieve an improved quality of life, increased ability to function and relate in a more positive way with their environment. Parents are invited to play an integral supportive role in treatment by participating in parenting sessions that improve child-parent relationships. Through a holistic-centered therapy approach, Devonna empowers clients to connect with their physical sensations/symptoms, thought patterns, and emotional/behavioral reactions.

someone walking on a beach labyrinth in New Jersey discovering mind, body, and spirit connection and holistic healing

What is the Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection? 3 Healing Yoga Exercises to Cultivate Connection

Do you find yourself feeling out of alignment or simply lost in life?  Do you wish to improve the connection between your mind, body, and spirit? Perhaps you have engaged in yoga or meditation practices and have heard of this concept. But what does it mean to truly implement the mind, body, and spirit connection?  …

What is the Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection? 3 Healing Yoga Exercises to Cultivate Connection Read More »

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